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HR Project Sessions

Sessions to help your business stay on track 

These Project Sessions focus on the HR building blocks in your organisation.

Driving continuous improvement, whatever your starting point. 

Completing projects like these could be an excellent solution for your organisation if your current team does not yet have sufficient capacity or expertise. These projects can resolve HR pain-points and reduce risk for your business.

Let's have an informal discussion on how the HR Project Sessions could help you.

Graphic Shapes

HR Strategic Plan

Create a clear, concise and measurable HR strategic plan for your organisation.

This session will also include an HR audit and process review stage.

Flow Chart

HR Processes

Map, analyse and re-design your core HR processes to build a solid foundation of effective and compliant administration. Ensures the effective links with other organisation processes such as payroll, finance, IT, health and safety.

Ensure that your user templates fit to the process and are compliant.

Gear System Shadow

Training System

Establish your training systems to deliver the skills your business needs, and which demonstrate effectiveness to auditors with ease.  

Can include the design of a performance management system to ensure that you are getting the most out of your employee's potential.


HR documentation

Create or review one off policies, your Employee Handbook and operational HR templates

Busy Office

Staff Engagement

Take a good look at how well your staff are engaged and whether their focus is in alignment.

We can deliver simple surveys and focus groups to really understand your staff engagement and wellbeing levels.

From this will flow a practical and effective action plan for positive results.

Team Spirit

Staff Pay and Reward

Complete a job evaluation process on the roles in your organisation. Establish a pay and grading structure and policy to remain competitive and demonstrate equity.


Succession Planning

Create a Succession plan and policy which helps you to identify critical jobs, potential successors and deliver plans to fill skill gaps.

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